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Your body is your home.

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

A safe place where you’re always loved, feel cozy and protected from anything in the world. That's a feeling we all deserve to have in our bodies.

Just like homes, we decorate our bodies with makeup, clothes, accessories, deciding on the style and aesthetics of the space. We take care of our bodies just as we do of our homes, because we want it to function properly for many years. Sometimes anything may go wrong and needs immediate fixing in order to bring the comfort back.

Our homes deserve to be treated with respect, both by ourselves, and by others. It is our place, so we dictate the boundaries about how it should be treated. Only you decide either people need to take their shoes off at your front door or they might come in with their shoes on. A home is a place where we spend most of our time, relax, learn, grow. It's where you share the moments of happiness and sadness with your beloved ones. You may not love everything about it, but it is yours. And it doesn’t need to be perfect to feel the best place in the world.

Home Photography

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