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Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Many of us expect to receive love & compassion from others. We feel like our loved ones are responsible and obliged to make us feel loved and important. We get disappointed very easily when our needs are not met and when people cannot ‘’read our minds’’ and understand us.

The truth though, is that others are not responsible for our happiness, they are not responsible for our self-esteem and for the love we think we deserve.

It would be so easy if we all realize we should only rely on ourselves, not just for this but for anything. Once we understand our own needs and what makes us happy, we will start to take full ownership of our feelings.

If we look at this topic more deeply, self-love is the best medicine for depression and anxiety. It is proven that people who have more confidence and truly love themselves are less likely to suffer from any of the above. Again, we must point out how important confidence is. By learning how to love ourselves we gain confidence and with confidence we stand stronger and become fearless.

To those who find self-love a little crazy, we are not expecting you to hug yourself literally (although it’s actually not a bad idea), but to start working on yourself from the inside. To explore your needs, to learn how to cherish and appreciate yourself, to find out what really works for you and what doesn’t. This means taking care of yourself, of your soul and your body.

Even if you are lucky enough to feel love from everyone around you, you still need self-love.

Self-love is very intimate, a gift that you should give yourself each day. When we love ourselves, we always make the right choices, and we learn how to set boundaries. With true appreciation of the self, we know who and what is good for us, and this is what we call a healthy way of living.

By giving love to yourself, you start finding more time for what makes you happy, you take that one hour to go to the gym, you start enjoying a coffee on your own, and going to the park alone is never a bad idea, because you truly enjoy your own company. This is how you learn that YOU ARE ENOUGH and it’s not necessary to have someone beside you in order to be happy. Once you find true inner happiness, everyone else would just be a compliment to that happiness, a beautiful addition to your inner peace.

It is essential you understand that happiness lies inside you and so does love. When you stop expecting people to give you the love you think you deserve, that’s when you appreciate the small things. You start to notice beauty everywhere around you - in the sound of the wind and in the touch of the rain.

You might wonder how people less fortunate than you can be happier. It’s very simple – they show appreciation, they stay present, and they find beauty in everything. Believe us, it’s even easier than it sounds!

They say gratitude and self-love are the path to happiness. Be thankful for every day, appreciate yourself, love yourself and we are sure good things will be on their way!

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