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What's Boudoir?

Meaning of ‘’boudoir’’. Coming directly from France, ‘’boudoir’’ gives us the meaning of a woman’s sacred place, where she can be her true self. That can be her bedroom or just her special private place, where she can reveal all her inner beauty & more.

Now you might wander what boudoir photography is, what does it consist of? To make it as simple as possible, boudoir photography is just another way to show a woman’s beauty. Not just her face, but also her body, her intimate side, and most beautiful curves. Here comes another question – why have a boudoir photoshoot? Simple - this is an amazing self-love gift or even one for your partner. It is a wonderful way to show appreciation and love to your inner being and also your body.

You might think it can get uncomfortable, but it is one of the best things you can do for yourself! Whether you are nervous about it or not, you’re on the right track! All this excitement will give you the pleasure of taking care of yourself and truly loving yourself for who you are, not who you are trying to become!

In the end, we are not after a specific reason why you should have this photoshoot, it is more than enough to do it just for yourself, your self-esteem and self-love. This is journey of self-discovery, a new way to start loving yourself even more. We know very well how underestimated women can be and how much society can affect us. Do not rely on others’ opinions of you, instead, create your own and love it!

In case you’ve lost your perspective or feel stuck, you need motivation to get you going! We all know that loving yourself can give you the needed motivation, self-esteem and it can keep you going! It is so necessary to find time for yourself, to spoil yourself and to give yourself credit for all that you have achieved. We all need to thank our bodies for all that they do for us and for serving us each and every day.

A great way to boost your mood and minimize stress is when you do something for yourself and why not a boudoir photography session? We bet you haven’t imagined yourself in such situation and you shouldn’t stop yourself from doing it. It is always a good idea to try something new and to get out of your comfort zone!

You don’t need to be in the best physical shape, you already are! You need to start loving yourself right away! There is no age, no physical shape, absolutely nothing that can stop you from indulging in spoiling yourself!

We believe that every woman should have at least one boudoir photography session in her life. It is more than just a photoshoot; it is learning to give yourself love and to feel good in your own skin. Do not think twice, book your first boudoir photoshoot right now! One thing is promised – you will never regret it!

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