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What photographers do?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

A lot of women are afraid of a boudoir shoot because they don't have the experience of photo sessions and think this is something out of this world and available for supermodels only. Well, I'm going to turn your world upside down and say that the person responsible for the results of the session is... your PHOTOGRAPHER, but not you. She is the one who knows the process and opens this whole new world for you.

So what photographer does:

- Analyzes your mood board to give you the result you want to see

- Shows you how to pose and where to put your hands (this one is always tricky!)

- Looks after your outfit, makeup and hair and makes sure everything is perfect - Asks the questions to calm you down and lift your spirits

- Makes sure you'll manage to wear all your outfits and follows the time

And what the photographer doesn't do:

- Expects you to know how to pose and what to do during the shoot

- Criticizes you for not being experienced enough

- Takes her photos in total silence

- Expects you to follow the time and know when to change your outfit

Did this whole process become less mysterious for you?

Experience of Photo Sessions

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