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What are some popular self-care/self-love advices that are actually really toxic?

I was thinking about this for a few days and wanted to discuss them with you.

- The sort of "positivity" that relies on dragging other people down.

I see it mostly around body image issues in particular (but can apply to other things too), and I just think it's really sad.

It doesn't solve any of the underlying issues, just makes more people feel rubbish about themselves. A lot of positivity movements tend to build up momentum by bashing the other side which isn’t the best way to do things.

- “Show them what they’re missing” No. Just do better for yourself.

- "Live your truth." There is a fine line between authenticity and being an asshole.

- “Stop texting people first to see who your friends are" what if they're doing the same thing and you just ended a friendship due to a misunderstanding?

- "Why are you sad? You have everything to be happy."

Even if there’s few happy things in your life you don’t need to be ashamed to feel sad or depressed.

- "There's no wrong way to parent." That's my favourite. It really should be “there’s no single right way to parent, but there are many wrong ways to parent”

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