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Tips for learning to love your body 👌🏻

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Firstly, realize that, whether you're at your ideal body weight or not, you deserve respect and love. Even if you're unhappy with that weight, you shouldn't be unhappy with yourself as a person and you can still be confident in your work, in dating, in how you behave, in the ideas you defend, etc. Your voice is still worth being heard, and your personality is worth being known.

The second thing is knowing that you don't have to feel attractive every single day.

Self love isn't just thinking you're hot stuff, it's realizing that your body is healthy, that it's supporting you, that it's doing what it can to protect you.

This includes a lot of the things we criticize in women - we have a FUPA because we have an extra organ in there (a uterus) and other organs that need a lot of protection, which is why we have a fat deposit there; we grow hair on our armpits and on our genitals because it prevents skin to skin contact and reduces friction; we have hip dips because that's just how our hip bone is structured to hold us up best. Realizing that a body is a utilitarian thing and not just an aesthetic thing really helps you accept certain parts about you.

Your body works so hard to keep you alive, it's on your side, and it deserves to be treated well and to feel good by being hydrated, having proper nutrients, and maybe a splurge here and there because why not?

I think eating healthy and exercising works best when you do it to feel good, to not have headaches, to not feel sluggish, to improve the quality of your sleep.

I started having much better habits when I stopped weighing myself and thinking of numbers and just monitored how I felt.

And as a last thing (no joke), walk around the house naked! Get used to just being in your own body, get used to looking at it. We often only see our bodies for a short second and quickly clothe ourselves back again. But this really does help to just get used to being in your own skin as it is!

Tips for Learning to Love Your Body During Photoshoot

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