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Stretch marks.

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

I'll tell you my story about stretch marks.

My first stretch marks I got in puberty, they appeared on my knees, and on my back. It went pretty well, I didn't even notice them often.

Our second encounter was when I was pregnant, so I got them on my belly, and my breast

It wasn't a surprise for me, as I knew my mom has them as well, and it's common to have stretch marks if somebody from your family got it too.

I didn't even try to get rid of them, as I knew that stretch marks are like scars, you can make them less noticeable but not more.

And actually I remember when I looked at my mom I didn't see them on her belly, I just saw a very happy woman, who always was smilling at me, and I used to hug her around belly, and it was so soft, so warm...I loved this feeling, and while we were standing like this together, mom always stroked my hair, these are the best memories from my childhood. And now I know why I didn't look at them but through them, because when you truly love somebody you don't care about their physical blemishes, you just love everything about them, and it is the power of LOVE.

You stop noticing these things, you see the whole picture.

Now when I feel confident about myself as a grown woman, I completely love my body, I don't want to change anything in it, I love my stretch marks, I love my scars ( yes, I do have them), I love my wrinkles, my freckles...all my imperfections make me who I am.

And it's not important whether it's your child or kids, or your partner...don't be ashamed of your body, they love you in any shape, any skin condition, any mood, any appearance ❤️

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