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The reflections of the artists’ souls are their masterpieces.

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

I like clean lines, minimalistic interiors, can’t stand mess around me, and have a minimalist wardrobe. I’m a bit introverted and enjoy the time spent with myself.

I guess that’s what actually defined the style of my pictures: modern, minimalistic, decluttered, monochromatic. I love the aesthetics of the women’s bodies and want to capture them as they are: beautiful, real, p e r f e c t.

As an artist, I see and catch the light in your eyes, that will shine through your pictures. The pictures that will decorate your wall and remind you about the amazing moments of being sincere with yourself. Being yourself.

I found my way to self-love and every day I’m building a woman I’ll be proud of. Will you share this journey with me?

Monochromatic Photography

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