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The beauty standards and what role they do play in our lives.

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The fact is, the idea of beauty standards is always shifting.

The volatility in the “beauty” definition means only one: this is the concept we invented ourselves. Society comes up with the idea of what beauty is and vigorously promotes this vision.

We are happy to live in the 21st century in the age of rethinking the common approaches of what is “right” and what is not (because there’s no “right”)

The time of comparing ourselves to models and celebrities with ideal bodies, faces, hair must be over. We waking up.

Let’s celebrate diversity, let’s show the bodies of the REAL women with all their perfect imperfections. Let’s show the world there’s no shame in being different. Being ourselves. That’s what I believe my mission is: empowering women, revealing their beauty to them and showing it to the world!

Long hair, big eyes, full lips, long legs, pale and clear skin… What else did I miss?

And who actually meets this criteria? Well, I know those who don’t but look extremely beautiful at the same time.

Definition of Beauty Standards

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