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Reasons to do a maternity photo session

If you don't feel like you're rocking this whole pregnancy thing — and trust me, I know that feeling — then you really should still have a maternity photo session. Pregnancy can have its less-than-enjoyable moments, but your body is doing an incredibly beautiful thing. Whether you're expecting your first child or your fifth, you'll never regret documenting this change with maternity photos. Here are reasons why every mama-to-be should schedule a maternity photo session: You'll have an amazing keepsake of this time in your life. Maternity photos are a great way to document the changes that happen during pregnancy, as well as the excitement and anticipation of welcoming your new little one into the world. Not only will you be able to look back on these photos and remember how wonderful it felt being pregnant, but you can also show them off to your future children when they're older. -It's a way to celebrate your bump and all the changes it brings.

-It can be an important way to record memories for future generations.

-It will help you feel beautiful and confident during this exciting time. You'll have a tangible keepsake of the experience. I'm not going to lie, pregnancy is a hard work. Whether you're planning on breastfeeding or bottle feeding, it's going to be exhausting. There are days when you won't want to get out of bed because you just don't have the energy. But if you're lucky enough to hire a photographer who can capture your beautiful belly in all its glory, then you'll always have something to look back on and remember this amazing time in your life. You have a lot of changes happening in your body, and you'll want to look back and remember how beautiful it was. Maternity photos will help you feel good about how you looked at this point in your life and appreciate that time even more.

Make sure there are pictures of you pregnant before baby arrives so that your child can see what their mother looked like when she was carrying them around inside her belly.

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