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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Well, I guess, it’s pretty clear that I’m a photographer. But who of you knows what exactly, and above all else, why do I do this?

So I’m going to explain:

I provide boudoir photography services in Montreal, Quebec

My specialization is printed art, so as a result of a shoot you get not only the digital photos you select, but amazing matted prints (head out ot the ‘Product’ highlight to have a look on the printed pictures)

Besides the photoshoot itself, I provide make-up and hair services to simplify the preparation process for you as much as possible and provide guaranteed amazing results. I see my mission in empowering women and showing them how beautiful they are, so here on this page I share the steps of my self-love journey and raise the topics that need to be spoken of. That’s why boudoir photography is not just my work or the process I enjoy. This is an integral part of my philosophy. And so much more than taking photos.

That’s pretty much it about my work in general. Want to learn more about the process of photoshoot and the organizational moments? Please don't hesitate to contact me :)

Boudoir Photography Services in Montreal, Quebec

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