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Love yourself no matter what.

Look into the mirror and see your own reflection. We all have imperfections but it's important to embrace them because they're what make you unique and beautiful. If you see a woman who, instead of embracing her flaws, feels like they are holding her back, then you should take the time to remind her that everyone has something about their body that they would love to change—but is just not possible. They should then feel more empowered by this knowledge rather than discouraged by it. Let's face it—no one's perfect. Chances are, you have at least one thing about your body (or even more) that you would like to change. If we all dig down deep, we know that no matter what those changes are, we're never going to be perfect because for the most part, we're going to try and change something about our body or facial features that someone else might love. That's okay. In fact, appreciation of imperfections is what makes us unique and beautiful! Whether it's a birthmark on your chest or love handles that won't go away, all women struggle with flaws about their bodies—even models! Know that instead of letting these flaws hold you back from looking in the mirror and loving yourself, you should be proud to be who you are regardless of what people think.

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