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I deserve the whole world and nothing less.

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

In summer all the fields are covered with thousands of flowers. There is a tiny road in the middle and once in a while you can hear a car passing by. Somewhere way deep into the field, almost on its border with a forest, there is a wooden table with a box on it.

“I don’t deserve it, I’m too shy, I won’t make it, it’s good here, I have enough space and the Wind and the Rain won’t get me” says a voice inside the box.

It seems like a beautiful metaphor unless you are this voice in the box. You may not notice it but every time you hear in your head such words as “I won’t even try, there is no way I’m good enough for that”, you become the character of this tale. Someone once said that life is the sort of competition, where you get a prize for just showing up. And that’s not simply because life is so generous, not at all. It’s just that showing up to the opportunity means that you found a way to leave this box behind you.

You deserve this extra money spent on self-care, you deserve a day off, you deserve being treated with respect and you deserve being appreciated. You deserve trying, failing, standing up and trying again. You deserve to be wrong and to have mistakes, because you are the field of flowers, different but so beautiful in its own way.

Modelling Photoshoot in Montreal

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