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How to live in the moment and why shall we do this.

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Every now and then I wish I could do everything at once. It almost feels like the whole possible time wouldn’t be enough for my plans. I think about it all the time and somehow I still keep the list of my desires written somewhere on a sheet of paper hidden under every-day routine for the better days.

It got me thinking: why do people postpone so many plans and so many ideas?

The answer came to me out of the blue: we are so focused on our future that it never actually becomes our present. The idea that this tomorrow will never come and nothing will suddenly change really got me into the mindset that I need to start now. Now is the moment to fulfill my plans, make my dreams come true, do something to get closer to my goal. Put on your favourite dress, sign up to that course, dye your hair, start this book on your shelf, tell this guy you like him, buy this oddly pleasing red armchair just because you want it, because it feels good, because you have been thinking about it but never actually did that. You are in charge of your life now. Not tomorrow, not in a month - now is the only moment when you can do something and turn this list into your reality.

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