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How to Feel Confident in Front of the Camera.

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Lights, camera, action! - and you freeze. The time stops, you don’t feel your face and the only thought in your mind is “oh, dear, I must look so stupid”.

The reasons are different. The most popular are that people overthink the process and are not used to seeing their bodies on the screen. Here are some easy things you can do to prepare yourself:

Look at yourself

Put a mirror in front of you and try to examine everything you can see. Start from your hair, move on to your face, play the ape. Take a look at your eyes, lips, your nose - wait for the moment when you start to feel less awkward and embrace it. Make a real effort to look at your body as if it is placed on a painting. Forget about all the rules

The endless posts about the wrong poses may be useful. But first it’s important to engrave into your memory the idea that your body cannot be wrong. Your confidence and your emotions are something that is not translated through some particular poses.

Fake it till you make it

Your anxiety won’t probably go away after one day, it’s a long journey full of discoveries. Right now you can put your chin up and imagine.


Make your homework before the shoot. If you don’t understand what exactly you want to translate, find someone who inspires you. Trying different characters may help you to find your own. Speak

The better you understand the photographer and the better she understands you the easier it will be. She will feel if you are out of your comfort zone so no point hiding it.

The effect that camera has on people is indescribable. The result of your struggle may change your attitude towards yourself forever. Give it a shot and have fun!

How to Feel Confident in Front of The Camera?

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