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Do I agree with my own self?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Being categoric has always seemed strange to me. But on the other hand - do I even have an opinion if I change it all the time?

Imagine a world where people have only one opinion on every matter for their whole life. At some point they decide that living in an apartment is good and living in a house is bad, being skinny is beautiful and being overweight is shameful. Would they be able to forgive? Would they be able to communicate? Would they be able to love?

The tendency towards total acceptance has its own positive sides and drawbacks but it rewards people with one common idea: you are free to choose. And being narrow-minded puts you into a position of a horse with blinders: someone else will lead you and you will never see all the possibilities that your life gives you. Changing your opinion doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re impulsive or unreliable. Sometimes it means that you are emotionally and spiritually mature enough to change your mind.

You are not a soulless stone waiting for water to move you somewhere or change your outlook. People are afraid of new things and new ideas, they are afraid of changes because they are afraid to be hurt. Little do they know that once you overcome this fear you are in charge of your own destiny. The water doesn’t guide you, you guide yourself.

Own Self Photoshoot

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