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Boudoir preparation checklist

I believe in celebrating every stage of womanhood, and I am here to offer you an empowering and beautiful experience, where you'll feel like you have a new friend in me. The purpose of this post is to guide you through the process of your boudoir shoot. Whether you're booking it as a gift for a loved one or treating yourself, this experience is all about self-love, empowerment, and inspiration. You deserve this, and I assure you that it will exceed your expectations A Few Weeks Prior to Your Boudoir Shoot

  • Start increasing your water intake. Begin hydrating your body now, as it will greatly benefit your skin.

  • Commence shopping for 3-5 outfits that are flattering, well-fitting, and make you feel beautiful. (See below for shopping recommendations)

  • If you plan on getting any tattoos showcased in your session, make sure to do so no later than two months prior to allow ample time for proper healing of the skin.

  • Schedule your waxing or sugaring appointment 3-5 days prior to your session.

Two Weeks Before Your Boudoir Shoot

  • Visit your hair stylist for any necessary cuts or color adjustments to ensure your hair looks its best during the session.

  • Reduce your intake of carbs and processed sugars to enhance the radiance of your skin.

  • Try on your outfits and narrow down your choices.

  • Continue to prioritize hydration by consuming plenty of water.

Three to Five Days Before Your Session

  • If you opt for waxing or sugaring, visit your salon or spa to have it done during this period. This allows time for any redness or sensitivity to subside.

  • Perform an exfoliation routine.

  • Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure.

  • Maintain your hydration routine by drinking plenty of water.

The Day Prior to Your Boudoir Session

  • Continue to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Embrace your inner mermaid!

  • Double-check that your outfits fit well and are ones you truly want to wear.

  • Prepare your bag by packing your chosen outfits, shoes, and any desired accessories.

  • Moisturize your skin to keep it supple and glowing.

  • Ensure you get a restful night's sleep to avoid dark circles in your photographs.

The Day of Your Session

  • Begin your day with a refreshing glass of water. Staying hydrated will also help minimize clothing lines.

  • Wash and blow-dry your hair, particularly if you have fine hair, to help it hold a curl or wave throughout the day.

  • Opt for clear deodorant.

  • Enjoy a light but satisfying meal. Trust me, you'll burn off the calories during the session—I guarantee it!

  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing before arriving at the session location to prevent any skin marks. Going braless is recommended, as you'll have privacy to change here.

  • Leave with ample time to arrive, considering the current traffic conditions in Montreal

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