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Being Comfortable to Everyone vs Setting up Your Boundaries.

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

I want to take you on a small tour with me. We will create a room without any rules for people in your life and take a look at their behavior. How long will they be still and how soon will they start turning everything upside down, breaking the walls?

As long as they have no limits they will try everything they can. The same happens with a person who hasn’t set his boundaries.

You can prevent your walls from breaking by simply saying “I’m not OK with that, let’s not do it”. It’s important to keep the focus on your own desires and your own limits. Setting boundaries is not the process of demanding and both sides need to understand it before getting to the point.

Introducing your rules is actually a very intimate moment. By doing that you reveal your struggles and even weaknesses. If the person refuses to accept them, take a closer look at your role in their life. Your boundaries are not the issue of compromise between you. Your boundaries are the expressions of your compassion and kindness towards your soul. Never give up on them.

How being Comfortable During Photoshoot

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