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3 Steps on the Way to Self-love.

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Self-love has always been a hot topic to discuss. The way you treat yourself is not something we can neglect: it affects the way we communicate with others, the first impression we produce, the level of our productivity. And our thoughts may either be a boost or a burden.

Is there really a way to teach yourself how to deal with that?

Although there are no universal methods on how to stop having the negative thoughts, three following steps may reward you with a boost:

Be attentive to what you feel. We usually don’t think a lot about what exactly we are experiencing at the moment. We don’t separate the positive from the negative and put everything in this gray zone of “emotions”. But if you take a closer look at it, you will be able to understand when you feel weak or discouraged, which leads us to our next step. Find the cause. When you catch the exact moment when you look in the mirror and feel like getting into the negative state, try to ask yourself “What was the thought before that? How did I get here?” and get to the third step.

You are not static. In other words, you are free to change. And you are free to move on from the things that get you down. Thoughts, people, places - everything that creates these thoughts from step 2 - it is not bound to you, you can and you must get rid of it. There is nothing in the world that can stop your will to get better.

Be strong in loving your own body, understanding your emotions and altering them. Your body and your mind are your closest friends, don’t let anyone deprive you from them.

3 Steps on the Way to Self-love

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